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Day 16- Bikes, Buses, and Automobiles

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At bus station waiting for the 916. 

At bus station waiting for the 916. 

 Each day of this trip I've been introduced to new possibilities. Bicycles are not allowed on the Interstate 64 bridge tunnel between Hampton, VA and Norfolk, VA. They ARE allowed on the front of the bus on a bike rack holding up to 2 bikes. We headed to the bus station.

 After a crazy bike ride through traffic for 13 miles, we arrived and loaded the bikes and headed up over the outside bridge.


Ok, a little unnerving as the bikes carrying all your earthly possession are briefly attached with a couple bungies and a bike bar, looking a little wobbly and the driver assured us the bus company could not be responsible for any damage as we headed through the tunnel.

the tunnel  

the tunnel 

Once we arrived in the other side, we were dropped off in the middle of Norfolk.  We headed to a library (to use a computer) to figure out where to camp up the road in Virginia Beach. There are just SO MANY people and automobiles every where. More traffic.

Grateful for sunny, beautiful weather and that it was Saturday so the local library was open. It was complete with a Gospel Concert this afternoon. I love the South. 

Gospel concert at local library.  

Gospel concert at local library.  

Found a beautiful KOA Campground just 3 miles from the beach. With a great bike path to and from.   

The trip to the campground was longer than expected, windy, warm. When I  stopped to take a break, I wondered if they would tow ME and the bike. 


We found a nice camp site, and enjoyed meeting other campers.


Joe had a fully equipped site. I stopped to take a photo of his refrigerator and microwave and lamp hooked up to electric and he was excited to show me his 55Grill!

He's looking for the trunk of an old car to convert to a cooler for his cold drinks. Keep your eyes open. Dave has his contact info. 

You meet the most interesting people camping!