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Day 15- Angel in Black Pick-Up

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After climbing a couple tough hills to get out of the campground, Dave and I googled our day's destination and he headed out and I was happy to cruise along enjoying the hot sun, cool breeze, flatness and whatever I wanted for a stretch.

Lots of churches along this route.


 Soon turned onto US 17 , crazy traffic and not much shoulder. Horns beep beep beeping, I wondered where they thought I could move to???

Signs started warning about narrow bride with roadwork ahead. How bad could it be, as the cars continued to whiz by? As I rounded the bend my question was answered.


 Of course I knew Dave had flown over that bridge and I also knew I was NOT riding, even slowly, over that bridge. No shoulder at all and 2 narrow lanes of traffic. And high. Ack! I pulled off the side and started waving "I need help" hand motions. I was amazed how long I had to wait before anyone stopped. God bless you, Tom M., and I hope you are reading this.


 What a wonderful person. As I gratefully loaded my bike into his truck I noticed his wheel chair in the back. As I thought of all the folks that whizzed by, I was very touched by the wonderful heart of this man that took time out of his day to give me a ride when I really needed help. He shared stories of family members and their cross country bicycle tours to raise money to help and rescue animals and one brother who was severely injured in a bicycle accident who went on to serve in the Army. Obviously his family understands needs and is willing to use their time to help others. Tom, you were one of the angels that helped me today. Thank you.

Next, Dave is texting me directions to meet him at Ann's Family Diner  buried in shopping centers along crazy packed US 17. Really? I kept asking people where it was, dodging traffic, climbing hills, no one had heard of it. All this for a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and fries... they were good, once I finally found it.

JR and Tina  

JR and Tina  

 As I left the restaurant, JR and Tina wanted to know where I was going. Good question. They pointed me in the direction of a great campground for the evening. Thank you. Just one "small" bridge to cross.

 As I spotted the bridge I gulped down Mountain Dew and headed up. I am making progress, at least I don't automatically assume I will walk up. I did make it riding to the top, and it had a nice shoulder.

The rest of the afternoon was spent dodging traffic till I hit the "cow" path (a little mud) meandering through the woods to the campsite.

George Washington walked this trail.

George Washington walked this trail.

Deb Burow biked this trail! 

Deb Burow biked this trail! 


Dinner is rice on tortilla. Clothes dripping till the dry cycle on the bikes tomorrow.

Will be taking bus and bikes across the Chesapeake waters tomorrow. Virginia Beach here we come.