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Day 17- Virginia Beach is not Quebec

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  We've arrived! Virginia Beach, VA. Gorgeous, sunny, warm day. Looks a lot like home, just more people and bigger hotels. I'm loving the water and being "at the beach". Dave is tolerating it, lol. He wants to be in Quebec.


  Weather couldn't be more perfect. Had lunch at Waterman's on the beach. Never had seen such a huge piece of flounder. Hush puppies are a big deal down here. Tasted like little, round, fried, sweet, corn muffins.


I headed for a sun soak on the beach and Dave pedaled down the beach a bit and had had enough. There ARE a lot of people.


Our campground, just a couple miles away, was welcome at the end of the afternoon. 


On my walk back to my bike I noticed a note card half buried in the sand. I must have dropped it out of my bike bag 2 hours earlier when I passed by this point on the beach, 100 feet from where I had napped on the sand. I was glad to get it back. God really is detail oriented.


This sand sculpture was created right in front of me as I sat near the water. This dad creates a new one each weekend when he comes to the beach with his kids.

The beach is universal. I love it!

We finished the evening doing laundry at the campground, getting packed up for the next day's ride and shared an ice cream.