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Day 2 - Biking Vermont, here we go

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Today I met Eric and Radha Laureate.

In April they completed cycling around the world.

Now they are helping Laurel Green on her farm.

The garden is bursting with flowers, veggies and even buckwheat-for the bees.

Laurel invited me in for water and shared their project of giving housing and friendship to people awaiting asylum into USA. Check it out on FB at A Safe Haven at Singing Farm. Such genuine people.

Laurel said, "When we travel we get to dance with God." She said it more poetically, but that is how I remembered it. True. 

Most hills were rolling today. As I rounded the bend a small lot of friendly mooers awaited me. Little calves in tow. Quite at ease with bikers stopping by. 


Flowers and art everywhere. 


Lunch was a stop at Moon Dog Cafe in Chester. Everything organic and delicious. I started lunch with a 8" round, thin crispy chocolate chip cookie. Worth every calorie! And did not forget Vermont goat cheese on my salad.


After lunch was a nice climb UP! Just so you know, there is no shame in walking your bike. Gives you time to really look deep into the forests hugging the road. Sweat and beauty, a great combination. 

Got back to the inn early enough to explore the town.

Art Gallery --lots of those in Vermont, --

small market--VERY small, where do they buy groceries??,

a library-- in an old house,--

flowers in most imaginative containers, stone walls,

shutters and picket fences and lushness everywhere.

Living in a fairy tale.


Today's color is Petunia PINK.