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Day 1- Biking Vermont, start pedalling

deborah burow2 Comments

Outta the car.

Onto the road.


We have signed up for 6 days of biking-hiking.

Rolling along green mountain roads,  

pedaling under sapphire skies,  

riding through tiny villages of general stores

and white picket fences.

Quaint is everywhere . 

Short 11 mile ride today so we have time to arrive, meet each other, and get settled at the historic, whitewashed red brick Grafton Inn.

Includes a wrap around porch, complete with an old wooden slatted porch swing hanging on the second floor balcony and lots of rockers all around.

We join 15 fellow riders from around the USA to share the week and riding stories. 

Tomorrow promises a challenging ride

and Vermont goat cheese for lunch.


Vermont seems to be a land of colors. 

Today is painted PURPLE.