Deborah Burow Art

Day 7- "And on the seventh day, God rested." (If reading via email, click on tiny type at top or bottom--"BLOG-DEBORAH BUROW ART" for easy read link)

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 A most blessed scene for biker campers. The rain is pouring down and we and our gear are high and dry INSIDE looking out.

 No biking today. We are enjoying farm life with Dave's wife's family, Marc and Kathy Withers. We have 2 nice dry rooms and indoor plumbing in a great old barn they are renovating as Kathy's  wool studio.


 Our first order of business is to meet the sheep, goats, peacocks, parrot, cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens and I may have forgotten one or two others.

Kathy raises the sheep, goats, rabbits for their fleece, spins it, and makes beautiful yarns, felted artwork, handbags, rugs, hats, clothing and so much more. The feathers from the birds are also woven into the yarns and artwork. All magnificent.


The sheep roamed the spacious hills as it rained during the morning. They have the option of coming inside but are content to stand in the rain.


Kathy showed us the entire process from sheep and goats to finished products. Lots of steps. She is a highly skilled artist.

My favorite wall art piece.


Skies cleared later in afternoon


 By late afternoon it was raining again. We are staying through tomorrow. I get a paint day!! Dave is helping around the farm.

Thank you Katherine and Marc.

We've had a lovely rest day.