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Day 1- the adventure begins

deborah burow5 Comments

The day started at 7:00am on the ferry to Lewes, DE. Bright sunny day, perfect for taking pics and chatting with others on board. Excited to finally get on the bikes and be on our way.  


Classic Cape May morning, cool, breezy and beautiful ocean. So glad to live here.  


My new touring bike is a joy to ride and very new so still figuring out gearing and navigating with 4 big bags full of life's necessities.  

As we started pedaling out of Lewes the temp was rising and the road was quiet and flat and we had it pretty much to ourselves. Except for the headwind which seems to be  a biker's constant companion.


By mid afternoon it was so hot we took a nap break under a shade tree.

Looks idyllic cuz you can't hear the traffic zooming very close. 4 lane highway #1. But most of the time the shoulder was good except in the construction zones.


After naps we headed to McDonalds to wait out a thunderstorm and enjoy their AC and wifi.

We located a small park to spend the night complete with pavilion to pitch our tents and enjoy the cool night air. No showers or water, but you can't have everything. 

Lovely to listen to the rain falling all around as we fall asleep. Good night all!