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Day 4 - Biking Vermont, lions and tigers and bears

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This cuddly bear was as close as we got to "wild" life on the trip. We were warned about the moose and would have been delighted to see one, and there was mention of bears visiting trash cans, but we never saw the wild ones.

Loved that Vermont businesses seemed very amenable to having their pets go to work with them, and hotels and cafes welcomed the 4 legged friends. 


Silvio, the cat, met us as we visited Bonnie's Bundles yesterday, Bonnie is a doll maker and Silvio is happy to help out as he lays center table among the piles of fabric used for the dolls; happy for a belly rub from visitors.



Each morning before our ride, Pete and Cedric, our leaders, briefed us on the day's ride; usually giving a choice between a short and longer route.

Pete describes steep hills as "sporty". When he first used that term, all the riders had a different idea of what that looked like. Now we all have a clear picture. Today's "sporty" hill found us all walking at least part of it. A chance to get some upper body exercise as we tried to decide whether it was more work to push the bike rather than ride the bike.

This photo does not even begin to show you the sweat equity it took to get to the top. A clue: the size relationship between the specks that are riders/walkers, and the incline of the hill.  But we were all still smiling!

This wooly guy met us at the boyhood home of Calvin Coolidge (30th President of USA) in Plymouth, VT. Definitely take time to see this slice of our past if you are ever in the area.



Across the road from the Coolidge's boyhood home stood the General store owned by his father.

The General Store's upper room served as the Summer White House in 1924. Coolidge had 2 telephones installed and a staff of 6 and from there ran the business of the entire country. The secret service slept in tents across the road.  

Hmmm... maybe there is some wisdom in smaller government... just saying.


At the bottom of the hill is the community cemetery where Coolidge is buried, in a common plot among his neighbors. A lot of history in an hour. 






Finished up our day at the Farmer's Market in Woodstock, VT. Glorious veggies and homemade organic balsamic strawberry ice cream. Yum. 






Today's color is Butter Lettuce Green.