Deborah Burow Art


One of the great things about having one’s own business is you get to decided where the income ends up. Painting large beautiful, bright colored art is a joy to me. I am grateful to enjoy my work.

*“There has never been a little girl (or boy for that matter) who dreamed of being a prostitute, selling her  soul and body  over and over again, when  she grew up.”

- Terri Klaes-Harper - Teacher, Blog: cavern's of my mind 

However, giving a chunk of my income to benefit the defenseless also brings me so much satisfaction.

Currently, I am investing in the Rahab Foundation in Costa Rica and the work of Bob and Michele Perez. Michele grew up in Camden, NJ and witnessed first-hand the abuse, neglect and sex-trafficked young children and women in her neighborhoods. Today, she and her family serve in Costa Rica in the hands-on rescue of women and children and some men from the sex-traffic industry. They are sent out by Assembly of God Church in the United States and work with the Costa Rican government at the Rahab Foundation.  

Photo borrowed from Rahab Foundation’s page

Photo borrowed from Rahab Foundation’s page

*According to World Vision, “Some predators travel specifically for ‘sex-tours’, expecting anonymity, low-cost prostitution, ready access to children, and immunity from prosecution.   Americans account for 25 per cent of child sex tourists, according to reliable global estimates.”  San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, had more than 300 brothels, rivaling the others in this industry. “Commercial sexual exploitation of children in Costa Rica could involve as many as 5,000 sex ‘tourists’ every year.” 


The Perezs and the Rahab Foundation have seen success in rescuing the victims. They currently need a shelter to house the women and children for up to 2 years so they may receive education, counseling and reintegration back into society in a way they can be safe and support themselves financially. Sometimes the children are returned to families if the families will be accepting of them and able to support them. The foundation has a financial goal of $500,000 to build a two-building shelter were the women and children can stay while being taught to live again. The children are being given back their childhoods and the women learn to support themselves.

When you purchase ANY PIECE OF MY ONLINE ORIGINAL ART, 40% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE goes directly to the Perez's rescue effort.

Watercolor, 11” x 14”   
Framed Original $200


When you purchase Nutterbutterfly online, $80 will go to rescue a child and give them back their childhood, or rescue a woman from forced prostitution and give her skills to support her children & you receive a beautiful original, framed piece of art and know you have made hope happen.


When you purchase Summertime - My Favorite, online, $350 will go to rescue a child and give them back their childhood, or rescue a woman from forced prostitution and give her skills to support her children. & You receive a delightful, framed piece of original art to brighten your walls and warm satisfaction in your heart knowing you helped return life.

Summertime, My Favorite
30” x 30” x 1.5”
acrylic on wrapped canvas 


The purchase of original art can bring freedom and hope to those who have no hope. Thank you!

Other places Original Art sales have helped.

Recently we helped C.A.R.A.  The Coalition Against Rape and Abuse.  Naomi, who has a big and generous heart, purchased a PWYW (Pay What You Want) Original Art painting, “Old Dogs are the Best”. She has worked with abused women through CARA and wanted to contribute to their healing. Part of winning the bid on PWYW art includes reasons why one wants the art. I was very touched by her response:

"Thank you for being so articulate and explaining all your paintings and how each one came into existence and all your thoughts behind each one. Sometimes I want to jump right into the painting and be a part of it. Someday I'm going to get together and just quietly sit beside you and watch you paint."  -Naomi

"I'd like to bless you and invest this money into your new business because you have worked so hard to get it up and going. I pray that God continues to bless you and give you constant ideas for the next and the next and the next portrait you paint. I pray that God blesses you financially for every second, minute, hour, day and years you invested your life into creating the most beautiful artistry I have seen. I love all the details of each item."  -Naomi

Thank you, Naomi. I am privileged to have my art hang in your home. And blessings on you for all the women and families you have brought help and healing into their lives.

*Thank you to Terri Klaes-Harper and her blog, Caverns of my mind. Read her blog about ending sex-trafficking -