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Day 18- Hotel Cape Charles - a great port in a storm

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Each day a biker looks at the forecast and decides how deep to pack one's rain gear. Today it looked like it would not be needed. 


Beautiful bike path led us back to Virginia Beach Boardwalk heading for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. No bikes allowed. So we arranged for the VA DOT shuttle. There were 15 miles and a smaller bridge to cross and pass before we got there.

 Dave road this bridge path, I chose to walk.


Heading out the clouds were getting heavy. The "shuttle" was to take us across the distant bridge/tunnel. 




The "shuttle" showed up. A DOT pick-up filled to the top with road work equipment. We were told to just throw our bikes on top. "We do it all the time!"   Ack! (Be careful of our "precious" stuff)

And we were off for the 20 minute shuttle ride--note the clouds rolling in...

Once we unloaded we biked toward Cape Charles. The hot humidity drove Dave to a Food Lion for Mountain Dew. There he met Steve, who invited us to his home and family reunion. Dave and I cooled off at McDonald's and  took a look at the weather system coming across where we sat.


We were not going to dodge this bullet. We gratefully shot over to Steve's house a couple miles away. He put our bikes in his garage and we scooted inside as the rain poured down. Saved again!

After chatting with his family for an hour or so about the charming town of Cape Charles, he recommend the Hotel Cape Charles that was nearby in town. So we donned the rain gear and headed out. Dave decided the Hotel was preferable to setting up camp in the deluge. I agreed. It continued to pour down for most of the evening. I'd give the Hotel Cape Charles 5+stars. Really nice and John, the manager went out of his way for us and our bikes. They had quite a flood on their hands but he handled it all beautifully.

We slept in dry and cool AC. Thanks, John!

Tomorrow we could explore Cape Charles. 

Steve and Deb

Steve and Deb