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Artist friends are the best

As artists, we meet other artists through shows, classes, sharing online, even buying supplies. There is something about those relationships and that grow simply out of our love for sharing art. We love to share our art, but we often find we have many other things we share. We meet and come to know people that criss-cross our lives in many other areas in addition to our love of art. And they often create amazing art. Such is my friend, Harlee.

Harlee was part of our 6 week class, "Dare to Paint Your Joy". 

Giant Wonder of the Deep...about to snag lunch

Giant Wonder of the Deep...about to snag lunch

Harlee creates beautiful art. It is her very own unique style, so unique that she gets frustrated at times cuz she doesn't "paint like others".  That characteristic is such a plus. The art that shows up on her canvas shows such imagination. Some art needs to be viewed up close and some needs to be giant paintings on the wall. Harlee's art is the GIANT painting variety. The colors and shapes and designs she uses break the rules, and that is probably why I see such possibility in each painting she creates. She is willing to keep working on the art till it starts to breathe on it's own.

Not only does she paint, she writes, directs dramatic productions, is an avid Animal Shelter volunteer, and she is collaborating on a wonderful children's book, due out this year.

Art friends are often friends we may never have met if it were not for our creative connections. So grateful for art.

Keep painting, Harlee, and never trade your style to look like anyone else.